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Black Cat is a terror game adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe, a tale called Black Cat.

It's an exploration game in which the protagonist need to find he's cat in somewhere inside of the house, while trying to solve puzzles to find items to continue through the game.

This game is a work in progress!


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Black Cat: Chapter 1: Where is the cat? v.0.2 691 MB


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can you play with a ps4 controller? If not then thats perfectly fine, I was just curious before I decided to try out your game! :)

I'm not sure, I just had the xbox 360 control to test...

ok, ill try it out myself and see if it works then👍

можно русские субтитры ))))) пожалуйста 


The game is still under development, so subtitles in other languages will take some time yet.

//Russian// translated from google translator
Игра все еще находится в стадии разработки, поэтому субтитры на других языках займут некоторое время.

Gave it a go...


My god ! Awesome gameplay!

I just wish you had played the new version of the game, where the problem with the flashlight was fixed, and now the game can be played with Xbox 360 controller!

And... yes... this game is not ready to launch at all, this game will be under development for some time.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the update on the game. And also, I'm glad you took the criticism like a champ. Not too many Dev(s) are honest about their weakness and strengths. Keep up the hard work!

I think it's got a lot of potential, but with the batteries lasting only a few seconds, it's difficult to enjoy trying to navigate the house that's near-pitch most of the time. I welcome a challenge, but after so long it just becomes frustrating fumbling around in the dark.  I really like the game's look, atmosphere and premise though, so I'm looking forward to future builds. 

Thanks for the comment!

Many people had the same problem, and I'm thinking of removing the batteries and doing something like the game "Alan Wake" where the flashlight restores power over time.

Next build is coming soon, and may include this new feature!

I have to say, one change can make all the difference! I still ultimately got stuck, but I think this is much closer to its potential. I look forward to more.👍🏻

LOL! The only thing I accomplished in this game is getting batteries, sorry I tried. Made you a lil video anyways: 

Oh my!

Thanks for the comment and the gameplay!

So... the game still under development and some thing may change on the next build, but, this game is meant to be kind of hard, you need to explore the house and try to solve the puzzles, in which are recalculated every time you start the game(the real hard part).

Thanks again and great work!

Awesome! Well np at all! ^_^ I had a good time.

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!



Awesome gameplay!

A new version of the game is coming soon, stay tuned!